Comprehensive Care for Patients with Pancreatic Neoplasms

Pancreatic cancer is a complex disease that requires expert care from multiple providers in several specialties to achieve a maximal outcome for each individual patient.  At the Pancreas Center, our goal is to provide comprehensive care to patients with pancreatic cancer and the precursors of the disease.  This begins with identifying at-risk populations and developing screening protocols in patients with known risk factors, inherited genetic mutations, and visible premalignant lesions on imaging with the goal of preventing the development of the malignancy in these patients.

For those patients who come to us with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer we aim to offer the best possible care at every stage of the disease.  Patients with operable tumors will undergo surgery using established and innovative techniques followed by state of the art chemotherapy and radiotherapy using the best available technology and protocols.  For patients who present with “inoperable’ pancreatic cancer, we have an aggressive protocol that will lead to surgical removal of the tumor in a majority of patients. For those patients who progress through first line therapy, we offer clinical trials.  All through the process, the patients are supported socially, emotionally and nutritionally by our dedicated staff.  This patient population and this disease have many unmet needs, which are the subject of our ongoing research.

Our center is also dedicated to training the next generation of nurses and physicians to take up the mantle of managing this challenging disease and to identify innovative strategies for treatment.  Finally, our center is committed to being part of the strong network of advocacy groups to promote awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer.