Our Mission

Pancreatic cancer is a complex disease that requires expert care from multiple providers in several specialties to achieve the maximal outcome for each individual patient.  The mission of the Pancreas Health Program is to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to patients with pancreatic cancer and the precursors of the disease.

Goals of the Pancreas Health Program

  • To maximize outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer
  • To maintain the best possible quality of life for individuals with pancreatic cancer
  • To be the regional center with the most expertise in treating pancreatic cancer
  • To provide genetic testing and counseling for at-risk individuals
  • To give patients access to the newest drugs through clinical trials
  • To be a magnet site for industry to test new drugs and devices developed for the treatment of pancreatic cancer care
  • To erode the fatalism that is commonly expressed about pancreatic cancer