Winthrop University Hospital Joins the ACCC Community Resource Center for Pancreatic Cancer

May 14, 2014

Winthrop University Hospital, Institute for Cancer Care has been asked to serve as an ACCC Community Resource Center for pancreatic cancer.

“As part of ACCC’s pancreatic initiative, we surveyed our membership to identify effective practices, gaps in knowledge and assess education needs in the management of pancreatic cancer patients.  As a result, we identified Winthrop University Hospital, Institute for Cancer Care as one of four strong pancreatic programs to interview for a standalone supplement  focused on program’s processes for treating and managing pancreatic cancer patients that will be polybagged with  the May/June ACCC journal Oncology Issues.”

ACCC’s Community Resource Centers are programs with experience and expertise in treating patients with less common cancers.  These centers serve as “experts” for other ACCC members. Their role is to answer questions and provide guidance to help improve the quality of care for patients diagnosed with less common cancers, and to ultimately help keep them in their communities while they undergo treatment.

Nurse Navigator of the Pancreas Health Program, Christine Guarnieri, RN-BC, MSN, OCN recently interviewed with ACCC. To view the article and read more about the community resource centers, click here.