Winthrop Hosts Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day!

December 3, 2013


When it comes to prevention strategies and innovative therapies and treatment options for pancreatic cancer, there’s no question Winthrop is a regional leader. Eager to hear from a team of Winthrop experts from various specialties whose multidisciplinary collaboration provides patients with the best possible care, nearly 100 community members gathered for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day at Winthrop on November 9, 2013.

“Underpinning state-of-the-art technologies and techniques for every stage of cancer care, the foundational principle that we rely on to cultivate best outcomes is as simple as it gets — multidisciplinary communication,” said John Allendorf, MD, Vice Chairman of Surgery and Head of Winthrop’s Pancreatic Cancer Program. Dr. Allendorf is a renowned surgeon who has pioneered several robotic and minimally invasive treatments for patients with pancreatic cancer who were previously thought to be untreatable.

“When you bring various disciplines together, you get different perspectives on the treatments we’re able to offer patients. We were pleased that through this program, we were able to provide the community with some insight into our team approach to care,” he said.

In addition to the impressive roster of Winthrop speakers which included Dr. Allendorf, Michael Ammazzalorso, MD, Winthrop’s Chief Medical Officer; Stavros Stavropoulos, MD, Director of Endoscopy and Director of the Program in Advanced GI Endoscopy at Winthrop; medical oncologist Alexander Hindenburg, MD; and genetic counselor Donna Blumenthal, MS, Senator Kemp Hannon greeted and addressed the audience.

In addition to hearing from each of the day’s speakers as well as from the Lustgarten Foundation, attendees heard inspiring survivor accounts and had the opportunity to ask questions to the panel of experts at the conclusion of the program.